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MVCS enables you to take your computer science skills to the next level. If you've taken an MV course such as Java or APCS but want to go to the next level, then MVCS is for you. Whether you want to become a web developer, a game designer, an algorithmic programmer, or pursue other fields, there is something for you in MVCS.

Awesome Lectures

Each week Wednesday at lunch in room E204, we lecture on a new and interesting topic, ranging from Machine Learning to Algorithms and Data Structures. We optimize for topics that are outside-the-box, have practical applications, yet are easy enough to write code for right off the bat without needing much prior experience.

This year, we are also including topics specifically aimed towards those interested in USACO. Our highly qualified officers will guide you through essential topics in multiple levels of contest programming, from binary search to sophisticated data structures like Fenwick trees.


We plan to coordinate particpation in contests based on the concepts we cover in Lecture Day. Prove that you've been paying attention by applying these concepts to challenging problems! You can win prizes and demonstrate your understanding of computer science through these prestigious contests, such as Stanford ProCo and Harker Programming Invitational.

Manish, head of the Algorithms division, will be providing additional information as the contest season nears.

Algorithms Day

Do you want to specialize? If you are interested in algorithms or math, consider attending Algorithms Day (Friday at lunch in room E204) . We'll teach you how to train for the ACSL, a prestigious computing competition that takes a unique approach.

The ACSL is distinctive because it, as opposed to other contests like USACO, truly encapsulates the foundations of computer science. Through Manish's experienced instruction, you will gain expertise in a wide variety of highly applicable computer science skills, building from the ground up.

Experienced Officers

Through our dedicated team of experienced and talented officers, we aim to provide a diverse, interesting, and enriching computer science experience to our members.

We have officers that specialize and excel in various areas of CS, such as Anika, who has won prizes for her research in machine learning, and Ethan, who has extensive experience with USACO and teaches for the acclaimed AlphaStar Academy.

Continuing into this year, our officer team has worked to develop a curriculum that we hope will help inspire and develop the next generation of computer scientists at Monta Vista.

Links & Resources

Introduction and USACO Basics

Graph Theory

Dynamic Programming

Data Structures


Artificial Intelligence


  • Interest Meeting!

    Wednesday, September 12

    This is the first meeting of the year, where we will introduce our club and kick off the year with an intriguing lecture on the halting problem, a foundational problem in computability theory.


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